Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative modification created for Half-Life 2. It is a community based mod with focus on fun, cooperative, and physics-related puzzles. The mod has an open story, but is still set in the Half-Life 2 universe.


A Steam account that owns at least one of the following games:


- Coop Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2 Support.
- Retro Half-Life Source Action, many maps fixed for coop.
- Several Counter-Strike Source maps setup with coop storylines.
- More than 25 maps included with the mod, not including many downloadable maps from our forums.
- Custom Weapon Scripts.
- Customizable Hud and Flashlight.
- Many new NPCs.
- Scoring System.
- Lives Gameplay.
- Teamplay coop games.
- New Weapons.
- Cloaking Module.
- Inventory system.
- Player Modules including Cloak and Shield.
- Advanced Customizability for Mappers.
- Dynamic Content Mounting.
- Custom Player Models System.
- Series maps save your weapons and points over transitions.
- Objects and npcs can transfer over level transitions and back again.
- Previous maps in a series of maps are saved, so when you go back to them things stay as you left them. Just like SP Half-Life 2.
- Custom per map Sound Scripts, Configuration Files and Soundscapes.
- Out of Hammer map modification via Obsidian mapadd scripts.
- A Modding team ready to listen to your requests for new features.
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