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Welcome to the Obsidian Conflict news archive! The sites main page has become too large and to reduce bandwidth usage we have created this page with old news if you need it.

New team members, next stop: Steamworks!

We have been somewhat quiet the last few months, but we hope to change that.
From now on we will try to make more frequent news posts to keep people updated about progress on the Steam version, Starting with this news.

First I'd like to introduce our new team members; Nirrti and Lt_Commander!

Nirrti will help us out in the modeling department while Lt_Commander is our new 2D Designer.
He will create textures for our models and maps as well other misc 2D stuff like logos or website design.
I'm glad we have both of them in our Team, They create excellent work and are a valuable addition to the Team, you'll see some of their work a bit further down in this news post.
I have also been expanding my skills and will now do modelling and animating as well, you'll get to see some of my work too.

Now to our future plans;

We decided to skip any patches or hotfixes we had planned after 1.35 and concentrate all our work on the Steam version.
Once we are on Steam we will be able to release updates much more frequent as well as a lot of other benefits.
But this also means a lot of new work for us, we have to make sure content complies with Valve's guidelines and have to take appropriate action if it doesn't, like acquiring license or making our own version of it.
Content usage rules are strict on Steam, but we will not end up scrapping anything completely unless there's really no other way.


The Ion Rifle.
While the functionality of this weapon is still in concept stage and probably won't find its way into the game too soon, we can already show you what the model and texture will look like.

Model by Nirrti, Texture by Lt_Commander.

This will replace the Leak OICW and is already fully functional, but we will most likely tweak the animations a little bit more before calling it final.
We also plan to make it behave more like an actual OICW in the future.

Model/Animations by W0rf0x, Texture by Lt_Commander.

Work in progress animations:

Sniper Rifle.
This will replace the Leak Sniper Rifle.
Not textured yet but the model is almost complete.

Model by Nirrti.

Combine PDW (Personal Defense Weapon).
This will be a completely new weapon, can be dual-wield too.

Model by Nirrti, Texture by Lt_Commander.

A simple animated prop made for broken_escape 1 (can also be used in other maps of course).
Buttons light up as you press them.

Model by W0rf0x, Texture by Lt_Commander.

Last batch of screenshots shows some re-creations of various broken_escape models and textures made by Lt_Commander.

And before we end this post, We would like to Thank our die-hard fans again for sticking with us for so long as well as all the new players who just started playing since 1.35!

We will try to get the Steam version out as fast as possible, some things just take time, but it will all be worth it in the end!

Posted: 22:30 GMT+1 - Saturday, November 20, 2010

1.35 Released!

While "1.35 will be released sometime this month" may have meant the end of the month, Obsidian Conflict 1.35 is now available for download.

First starting off as what was planned to be just a quick "content update", this update is now the compilation of over a year's work of map and code updates. Many of our old maps have been updated with bug fixes and gameplay/visual improvements, as well as a whole bunch of new maps for players to enjoy. Here's a look at some of the new content in 1.35:

* Part two of the broken escape series. This epic campaign features fast-paced combat, teamwork puzzles, breathtaking visuals, and custom npcs and weapons. Plus an updated version of the first part!

* Updated oc_harvest. Includes a major graphics overhaul, as well as new plants, hardware store items, farm upgrades, as well as new gameplay systems such as bird hunting

* oc_cardwar, a map in which two teams of players create squads of npcs from cards, competing in several unique arenas

* oc_starship_troopers, a combat-heavy defense map based on the movie. Players have to work together with their NPC allies to repel the arachnid horde

* oc_wildfire. This walkthrough map consists of many unique environments, with plenty of teamwork puzzles and combat scenarios for players to complete

As well as many more additions and updates. Special thanks to all those who supported us throughout development, we wouldn't let you down. Head over to the downloads section here on to get 1.35 and jump in on the fun!

Haven't seen enough media yet? Or you just never played OC before and want to get a better idea of what it is about? Then here is the 1.35 teaser trailer again!

Videos & Audio - Obsidian Conflict Mod for Half-Life 2 - Youtube Videos & Audio - Obsidian Conflict Mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB

And if 1.35 wasn't enough, we are also glad to announce that we got Steamworks support, so the next major version will be released on Steam!
This means the mod will be installed and automatically updated through Steam, as well as achievements, Steam Cloud and all that fancy stuff!
Some of you might be scared this would strip down OC's content and features the same way it happened to some other mod that went on Steam, But this will not be the case.
We have been in constant contact with valve to make sure what we have to do to keep everything.

We are also trying to get the Linux server binaries done. Once they are in a stable state, people will be able to test them.

And a few last important side notes before you hop into the game:

*Please note that valve lately updated all Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 maps for the orange box engine.
Due to time constraints, we could not test all of them to make sure their changes don't interfere with oc. Since we didn't want this to delay the release even further, we are asking you, the community, to please report all bugs you find to our Bugtracker.
We will release another quick patch to adress all reported problems, so please excuse us if some parts of the campaigns may be unplayable right now.

*We also could not finish the broken_escape_02 finale map in time for the 1.35 release. It will either be shipped in one of the next hotfix/ content patches, or released on the forums.

*The installer is prepared to download and install the custom playermodel packs automatically if you chose so. But this feature is not fully working yet since we need to finish the webserver back-end first.
If you get an error message similar to this, simply chose "cancel", the installation will then continue normally.

Below is the complete change log. But beware, it's almost endless!


[Add]'renderdist' keyvalue for all entitys that are able to use holograms (it specifies how far away the effect begins)
[Add]'stopsounds' which is the same ConCommand as 'stopsound' but without the need for cheats being enabled
[Add]Devs & Donators having the Custom Color set on Chat, Scoreboard, TargetID & Deathnotice
[Add]Command 'rcon_say' which is mostly used by HLSW to display the right name instead of just Console (name must match one of those in cfg/allowed_admin_names.cfg)
[Add]Per Map Particle Loading via Manifest file in the following format: particles/particles_.txt (the format inside of the file is the same as for the default manifest file also in that directory)
[Add]'bot_add' ConCommand (pretty much the same as 'bot')
[Add]'[Beta]' GameModeTag while being in Beta Development & '[L]' GameModeTag when running an Listen Server
[Add]Usage Description for ConCommand 'playgamesound' when no Argument is given
[Add]ConVar 'cl_restrict_server_commands' ( which was removed by valve ) to prevent server executing commands on the client
[Add]Addon System (loads every folder as game folder under add-ons that contain a info.txt with the exception for ep2, episodic, lostcoast, css, dod and hl1 which only get loaded when the correspondenting mount is enabled)
[Add]ConVar 'motdurl' any url used with this ConVar (change it's value to 'none' or simply '' to use the motdfile ConVar) will automatcally get's the current version string passed trough (PHP: $_GET["version"]) which makes the MOTD more dynamic, feel free to request more...
[Add]ConVar 'sk_bigmomma_meelee_range' which specifies the distance in units where BigMomma will try to run after you to meelee attack you
[Add]New Spawnflag on 'point_viewcontrol' which gives the ability to hid the affected players hud for clear view
[Add]'server_default.cfg' and 'listenserver_default.cfg' to provide basics for a successful server setup
[Change]Made ConVar 'r_rainwidth' a non-Cheat (request by Tysn for harvest)
[Change]Dedicated Server Console Messages are now Red Colored
[Change]Join/Leave Messages are now Green Colored
[Change]Namechange Messages are now Orange Colored
[Change]Teamchange Messages are now Brown Colored
[Change]Tickrate has been limited to 66 because any higher can cause problems
[Change]Handling for SteamID. (Now OC shouldn't be affected by an SteamID change anymore)
[Change]completly disabled 'ch_createapc' for now
[Change]Removed Lives from saving over Transistations as it's causing problems
[Change]Removed Coloring of the Scope for the Sniper
[Change]Map Overview will now automatically turn on when it's available
[Change]ConVar 'sv_allowgaussjump' & 'sv_tauplayerradiusdmg' is now a non-cheat ConVar
[Change]Entity 'item_ammo_crate' now uses proper models for Crossbow Bolts, Combine Balls and 357 Ammo
[Change]ConCommand 'fov' is now a non-cheat command and locked to 75-90
[Fix]'npc_apcdriver' spawnflags 'No Rocket Attacks' & 'No Gun Attacks' being useless
[Fix]Player MuzzleFlash turning on when Assassin or Barney started shooting, which was caused by an Angle fix for the MuzzleFlash added in 1.34
[Fix]Local Player being visible in 'point_viewcontrol' even when the flag 'Player Invisible' was set
[Fix]Rare Crash in Ammo Hud caused by Scripted Weapons
[Fix]LivesCounter Panel not hiding when the Player is dead under some circumstances
[Fix]Rare Crash caused by Waypoints
[Fix]Clients able to use ConCommands 'rr_reloadresponsesystems' & 'sv_soundlist_dump' & 'sv_soundemitter_flush' & 'sv_soundemitter_filecheck' & 'sv_findsoundname' to lag/crash servers
[Fix](Team)Score can't go negative when using 'game_score' even with the Negative Flag set
[Fix]Lives going negative in some circumstances
[Fix]Calling FireUser* required a String Argument even tough Hammer didn't say so
[Fix]Input 'Kill' and 'KillHierarchy' & ConCommand 'ent_remove_all' being able to remove players which caused problems and in some cases a crash
[Fix]ConCommand 'ent_setname' not being able to handle special identifiers like '!self'
[Fix]Crash caused by entity 'game_ui' when a player that is affected by it disconnects
[Fix]'npc_antlion' and 'npc_antlionworker' not being able to burn
[Fix]'npc_combine_camera' not firing 'OnDeath' & 'OnLostEnemy' & 'OnLostEnemyLOS' & 'OnLostPlayer' & 'OnLostPlayer' Output
[Fix]Rare Crash caused by 'npc_mortarsynth'
[Fix]Entity 'logic_measure_movement's Input 'SetMeasureTarget' & 'SetMeasureReference' & 'SetTarget' & 'SetTargetReference' not handling '!activator' & '!caller'
[Fix]'prop_vehicle_jeep' turning into an 'prop_vehicle_jeep_episodic' even episode two isn't enabled
[Fix]'ch_createjalopy' being usable when cheats are enabled even tough EP2 isn't enabled causing the Server to crash
[Fix]'showtriggers_toggle' being usable without cheats (a leftover from some old beta testing)
[Fix]'point_viewcontrol' not turning off on the end of a map which causes render errors
[Fix]'trigger_playermovement' not properly removing forced duck from player when leaving the trigger
[Fix]Player getting negative Score even 'sv_allownegativescore' is set to 0
[Fix]Entity 'func_tank' and subclasses spamming the console with 'Ammo Remaining' Messages
[Fix]Entity 'func_tankairboatgun' & 'func_tankphyscannister' not firing Output 'OnFire'
[Fix]Airboat 'prop_vehicle_airboat' causing a crash when calling for example the 'EndGame' Input of a 'game_end' while a player drives it
[Fix]'func_precipitation' not showing up on monitors ( no reflective glass support yet )
[Fix]OC Map Particle Loading not working ( Particles {} in _modify.txt & _particles.txt )
[Fix]Weapon 'weapon_sniperrifle' not zooming out while reloading (thus not zooming back in after reload too)
[Fix]Map Overview not being at the right position (was conflicting with the score panel)
[Fix]MOTD and Map Briefing showing up on Background and Commentary Maps
[Fix]Entity 'trigger_serverragdoll' not respecting Filter Flags
[Fix]BigMomma spit colliding with brush trigger
[Fix]Cleaned BigMomma's AI a bit to let it use Spit, Meelee and Headcrab spawn use more smoothly (it isn't perfect but better then before)
[Fix]Bigmomma not fading away when dead
[Fix]Alien Grunt trying to kill Enemy Hornets
[Fix]NPC 'monster_alien_controller' hurting other alien controller with their attack which are in the same team
[Fix]physics objects that are stored into the inventory now also force their childs to be nodraw (fixes things like env_sprite glowing at the players position)
[Fix]Rare Crash on client while processing entity data
[Fix]Airboat Gun not using the right Ammo HUD
[Fix]Player being able to block 'item_ammo_crate' Entitys by constantly pressing USE at it


[Add]ep2_oc_broken_escape_02a added/updated
[Add]ep2_oc_broken_escape_02b added
[Add]ep2_oc_broken_escape_02c added
[Add]oc_cardwar added
[Add]oc_starship_troopers added
[Add]oc_wildfire added
[Add]coop_zelda01_b added
[Add]oc_zelda02_g added
[Add]oc_newgappi_g added
[Add]oc_return_c17_01 added
[Add]oc_return_c17_02 added
[Add]oc_return_c17_03 added
[Add]oc_return_c17_04 added
[Add]oc_return_c17_05 added
[Add]oc_return_c17_06a added
[Add]de_dust mapadds added
Significantly shortened the trainride
Added background buildings to the trainride
Various optimizing
Tweaked difficulty a bit
Reworked some npc spawning
Graphically improved some areas
Transition to ep2_oc_broken_escape_2a added
Reworked the HDR lighting
Compiled lighting with -StaticPropPolys -StaticPropLighting -Final
Other minor changes
All content is now in the mod folder instead of the bsp file
Reworked the fog, better atmosphere, much higher view distance
A lot of optimizing all over the map, hopefully no more vertex engine errors
Some model textures on brushes and displacements fixed
Some game breaking bugs and exploits fixed
CS:S weapons will now use the mod's weapon scripts instead of the old outdated ones which were embedded in the .bsp
Fixed some mistakes in weapon placing, resulting in wrong weapon behaviour like a shotgun-p90
Other minor changes and fixes
Added a few more info posters
Compiled with HDR
Made The Alyxgun the default weapon on startup
No Longer requires Lost Coast to be mounted
Players now start with a cz52
Players now start with a cz52
Many weapon pickups are now in the second map
Increased the number of enemies
The Lieutenant's guards are now armed with g36c's
Players now start with a smg1
An ammo crate of smg1 grenades is now located at the end of the first map, so games can't get deadlocked when fighting the strider
Added a few more enemies
Added various weapon pickups
Placed a respawning rocket launcher in the final section of the second map to prevent deadlocks
Included worfox's map origin spawn fix for the second map
No Longer requires Lost Coast to be mounted
Players now start with a spas12
Shotgun ammo crates are now at all spawnpoints
Some oicw's and g36c's are scattered around the map
Added more ambient sound
Music now plays during the defense finale
Fixed some of the game_texts displaying cut-off messages
Remove the now unnecessary shotgun ammo for sale from the merchants
Fixed Juniper Texture
New farm upgrade: Drip Irrigation. Allows large numbers of crops to be watered easily
New farm upgrade: Greenhouse. Lets brown mushrooms be grown on the farm
Compiled with HDR
New rain sound
Added color correction effects when raining
New spa music
Added color correction effects to the spa
Made new Tree models and placed them around the map
Added birds to the forest, can be hunted for meat at $5 each
Updated pawnshop merchant weapon sales for bird hunting:
Crossbow: $50 Ammo $1
Magnum: $100 Ammo $3
Sniper Rifle: $150 Ammo $5
New farm upgrade: Smokehouse. Lets you marinate and smoke bird meat to turn it into jerky
Prevented Kitchen items from being thrown into the harvest bin
Lowered the cost of the portable produce teleporter from $950 to $750
Placed physics clips over the rock clusters to prevent people from throwing things behind them
New Grass Texture
Added mountains to the skybox
2D skybox changes for raining weather
New plant type: Tomato, costs $20 and continues growing indefinitly as long as it is watered
New plant type: Corn, costs $45 and continues growing indefinitly as long as it is watered
New farm upgrade: Fertilizer. Allows tomatoes and corn to be grown on the farm
Increased sale price of eggs from $15 to $20
Increased price of bullchicken feed from $15 to $20
Increased sale price of fried eggs from $20 to $25
Merged barn harvest bin system with the one outside. Next day profit from sold eggs now appears on the outside tables rather than inside the barn and therefore is affected by the farm upgrades.
Lowered the cost of bullchickens from $65 to $40
Increased sale price of banana cream pies from $45 to $50
New Kitchen Recipe: Salsa
New Kitchen Recipe: Guacamole
Fixed missing fencepost next to the harvest bin
New Farm Upgrade: Automatic Teller Machine. Allows cash to be stored and withdrawn
Rainbow now appears on clear days after rain
New after rain music
On days where there is a rainbow, there is now a very small chance that a pot O' gold can be found in the forest. It can be sold at the pawnshop for $90
Added hunting poster to the forest
New Hardware Store Item: Cookbook. Gives a list of recipes to use in the kitchen
New Farm Upgrade: Alarm Clock. A toggleable item that can be used to increase the length of days
Implemented an unplanted seed limit to prevent rich players from lagging/crashing the server by buying a ton of seeds
Added plant limits to reduce the risk of servers crashing
Size of antlion attacks are now based on the number of individual farm upgrades, rather than strictly off of the harvest limit upgrades
[Update]oc_kake updated to version l
[Update]oc_umizuri updated to version j

Misc Content

[Add]New model and sound for cash pickups
[Add]"CZ52" Custom Weapon
[Add]"mp5k" Custom Weapon
[Add]"ak5" Custom Weapon
[Add]"Remington 870" Custom Weapon
[Add]"HMG1" Custom Weapon
[Add]bucket positions list for custom weapons
[Add]Icon for the alyxgun rounds and a picture in the drop ammo menu
[Add]Manhack "ammo" icon
[Add]Grapple hook icon
[Add]Annabelle icon
[Add]Citizen suitcase icon
[Add]Citizen package icon
[Add]Oldmanharpoon icon
[Add]New GameIcon
[Add/Fix]Included some common NPC models to prevent "misaligned node" engine error caused by the dynamic mounting
[Add]Smg1 distance sounds
[Add]models for .357, crossbow and ar2 alt-fire ammo crates
[Add]Chinese Translations
[Add]new gamestartup song (Path of Borealis rock version by Alex23)
[Update]Made G36c NPC-usable, changed accuracy and fixed muzzleflash/ shell ejection as well as the world model not being held in the player's hands
[Update]CS:S weapon models updated with proper muzzleflashes and shell ejection
[Update]Spas12 now holds 10 rounds and has a new firing sound
[Update]Some mapadd updates for the campaign maps
[Update]Uzi animations and sounds updated
[Update]Updated Japanese translations
[Update]Made AR2 model 2-handed
[Change]Scout now uses .357 ammo instead of AR2
[Change]AK47 now uses AR2 ammo instead of custom ak47 ammo
[Change]Firerate of some CS:S weapons tweaked
[Change]xm1014 replaced with spas12 until auto-shotgun code is fixed
[Change]Tweaked some settings in skill.cfg
[Change]Raised gauss max charged damage
[Change]changed healer's empty sound
[Fix]Assassins pistol having a missing texture when running in HDR mode
[Fix]M3 now shoots at the correct speed
Posted: 22:00 GMT+1 - Sunday, May 30, 2010

1.35 Imminent!

Yes and for real this time!

"What is taking you so long, it's May and there's still no 1.35?!" some of you might have been thinking. And trust us, we are sick of this long wait too, so we are glad to announce that 1.35 will finally come out THIS MONTH!

It has been a long and chaotic run, real life and other stuff has kept us from releasing this sooner. We also got kinda unorganized after the original founders Skidz and Hyperjag3 left the team, but we got that problem sorted out. We have a SVN server running again, got our beta testers together and have weekly playtests, development is going smooth again.

We also got 2 new Team members! First one would be "Vesuvian", our new Team Modeler. He will be making various models for the mod, he has done a lot of the models you find in the community map "oc_diving" for example.

Second one would be "Linkmister", our new Team Animator. he's mainly going to handle animations for various weapons, so far he has remade the Uzi animations for 1.35 and improved them a lot compared to the old stiff ones.

More surprises will be revealed with the 1.35 release, We don't want to spoil too much, but we will TEASE you with this epic teaser trailer! Please note some of the content in this teaser is not yet final and still subject to change.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and stay tuned this month!
Posted: 22:00 GMT+1 - Sunday, May 09, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The OC Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and wants to say thanks to all of you who keep supporting us!

To let you know what's going on currently, we are getting close to finishing up 1.35. Yes, we wanted to release it much earlier to be honest, but several things slowed us down. Real life stuff, loss of the SVN server, and so on. We also didn't want to release during the time of Left 4 Dead 2's release, because we were sure people would be playing that instead. It's all coming together now.

We are currently heading for a release sometime around January, but you know how it is, "It's done when it's done".

But the longer wait has its good sides too. Tysn was being a busy bee and thanks to him, 1.35 will have 3 more additional maps to what was planned, one of them being a major update of an old map of him.

The 3 new maps are:

* An updated oc_harvest, featuring an almost complete graphics overhaul and several new features for all your harvesting needs!

* oc_wildfire, a merchant-style map similar to oc_fireteam, with a finale that will get you surprised!

* And oc_cardwar, a map with a very unique and interesting gameplay that should keep you entertained for a while!

And to all of you talented people out there who would like to help us out on development: We are still looking for new team members in pretty much all areas, especially coding.

If you are experienced in stuff like mapping, modeling, texturing, coding or anything else that could be related, feel free to leave us an application on the forums or contact me (W0rf0x).

And something unrelated to 1.35, I've made a winter-styled lobby for the official OC server; otherwise known as the Keyfox Server.

(This lobby is not part of the OC installer, it is made for the official OC server and can be downloaded from it ONLY.)
Posted: 01:30 GMT+1 - Friday, december 25, 2009

Happy third birthday OC, 1.35 heads up!

Well this post is a few days late, but 3 years ago, on Tuesday, July 22, 2006 - 5:34PM PST, the first public beta version of Obsidian Conflict was released to the public. It only came with 6 maps and no support for Half-Life 2; though it was possible to play the maps, but without any fixes to make the maps work for multiplayer, so it was more or less unplayable.

It also had a lot less features than our current version, though there was one pretty cool feature which got removed later on:

The Hopwire.

This was a pretty cool weapon, you threw it, after a few seconds it jumped up and wires came out of it and attached them self to the walls, the floor or whatever else they could reach. When an enemy tripped one of the wires, the hopwire would explode.

Reason for its removal is mainly that it glitched out a lot when it tried to attach itself to certain special surfaces, like the skybox, which lagged the server or even crashed it, people abused it a lot.
We may be adding this one back in, but dont count on it, it depends on how hard it is to fix and if it is worth the trouble.

Now to the main subject: Version 1.35.

This version is to only be looked at as a content update before our next major release, 1.4. It will focus on map updates/additions and fixes for some annoying bugs we noticed in 1.34, a few new features will also be thrown in.

We don't have a full changelog we can show you just yet, as some stuff still has to be decided on, but we can tell you about the new maps we plan on adding in this update.

Broken Escape: Part 2
The full set of Broken Escape Part 2 will be included in this release, which will contain of three maps:


This continues the escape out of City 17, players who played the prequel ep2_oc_broken_escape_02a will finally find out what awaits them behind that big door after the elevator ride.

Screenshots: (Some are still WIP)

Starship Troopers:

Based on the 1997 movie "Starship Troopers," defend the base against several attack waves and don't let the lieutenant die!


Return to City 17:

Make your way back to City 17 to bring Dr. Kleiner the crystal he needs for his teleportation experiments. A big map series containing 6 maps, and another 5 maps are still being worked on!


Two pretty cool mapadds by 'fug4life' for de_dust and de_dust2. Your mission is to destroy an enemy ammo cache. These are a lot of fun and require cooperation to succeed and to not run out of lives.


That's it for the new maps, some of our old maps will also receive updates to fix some bugs, optimization or general gameplay enhancement.

Keep checking back here or join our forums for more information about 1.35, Thank you for your continued support!

p.s. If you want to support us even more, we have added the possibility to donate using paypal. If you donate now, your donor status will get added to 1.35, so you gain access to the exclusive donor features.
Posted: 02:00 GMT+1 - Sunday, July 26, 2009

Version 1.34 Released!
After being quiet for 4 months, we finally release version 1.34, which was first planned to be released about 2 weeks after 1.33 came out.
This Update brings a lot of fixes and additions plus some new maps, Including oc_starlight, which is actually an old 1.23 map that we had to remove because it got broke by the huge Orange Box update.

* Changes / Fixes
- Fixed Several crash instances.
- Fixed CSS muzzle flashes not originating from the barrel of the gun in some circomstances.
- Fixed some change team exploits.
- Fixed My Items panel not working on some resolutions.
- Fixed func_tank effects not working.
- Fixed a bug related to the merchant giving items.
- point_hurt can now have filters in hammer.
- Fixed env_embers having no default texture for older maps.
- Fixed some uzi ammo handling bugs.
- Fixed parenting not showing up on info_player_* entities in hammer.
- Changed up player spawning and corrected some bugs.
- Spectators can no longer set off hopper mines.
- Fixed Sniper and OICW sounds being played everywhere.
- Default skill has been set to 2.
- Player announcements and find players will now be disabled while in spectator.
- Player held props will now be dropped when the player leaves the server.
- Player owned vehicles will now be destroyed when the owner player leaves the server.
- Players will now be correctly removed from map vehicles when they leave the server while driving.
- Players joining a lives map in a series will spawn with extra lives on the next map if they have 0.
- Half-Life 1 wall chargers and health chargers will now change their texture to enabled or disabled depending on their state.
- Stuttering from player created beams such as sniper rifle and flashlight beams have been resolved.
- func_gravity will now correctly revert the players gravity when they leave the trigger bounds.
- The Jalopy radar will work for all jalopys now, not just the last spawned.
- Weapons selection hud element has been optimized to fit more custom weapons on screen.
- Corrected issues in spectator mode while a point_viewcontrol is active.
- Local players will now show up in point_viewcontrols.
- Changed the way how env_hudhint was reading messages (it now supports localized strings as well as plain).
- Fixed some ammocrates not showing up right

* Additions
- Added Custom Icon Option to info_radar_target.
- Added Option to Enable/Disable the Hazard Lights on the Jalopy (disabled by default).
- Added convar sv_visible to let server administrators decide if they want to add the server to Valves Master Server or not (useful for Mappers that want to test their map without anyone seeing the server).
- Added maps/cfg/_particles.txt to allow custom particles (works in _modify.txt too) Format: { Particles { "file" "" } }
- Added ep1 and ep2 tags, which get's set on the server as soon as one of this content is mounted.
- Added Headlights to the Jeep.
- Added trigger_auto_crouch which is a re-creation from Left 4 Dead.
- Added ForceDrop Input to prop_physics and prop_physics_override
- Added Makrontt le necron's tweaked css weapon scripts and weapon icons.
- Added an option to let weapon lasers/sprites use custom color's like the flashlight.

* Map Updates
- Corrected some mapadd bugs.
- Replaced the old energy vortex effect in ep1_citadel_01 with a particle effect.
- Re added oc_starlight.
- Added several new mapadds for Half-Life Source.
- Updated oc_danmaku to version i.
- Added a new map, oc_antlion_attack_01.
- Added a coop mapadd mission for de_chateau.

Most people will probably have noticed that you cant access the site by entering the .com domain anymore, this is due to some problems with the old provider, we hope to get the .com back soon, but for now you have to use the .de domain to access the site, so please update your bookmarks.

Thanks to all who support this mod, we really appreciate it.
Posted: 4:45 GMT+1 - Monday, December 15, 2008

1.33 Aftermath
Since 1.33s release we have been gathering as much info as we can from the community to start writing our todo list for 1.34. The biggest issue on our plates is the spawn code that was altered in 1.33 which is causing some problems. I would just like to assure everyone that we are working on a fix for these spawning issues, which will come in the form of a new way of spawning into the game. We should have 1.34 ready in about a week and a half so you can see for yourselves.

Thanks to all who support the mod, and check back often for updates!
Posted: 7:30PM PST - Saturday, August 23, 2008

1.33 Patch ready!

Today we release a content and fixes patch which brings the mod to version 1.33.

* Changes / Fixes

- Added Hand Grenades to weapon_scripted.
- Added some skill convars for fast zombie.
- Added points saving for players that get dropped from the server for any reason.
- Added sv_mapmodifyfile convar. Set this to the name of a mapadd script to be used on the next map instead of the default. Mounting settings will still be grabbed from the default mapadd script.
- Added sk_stalker_aggressive, which if set to 1, will force the Stalker to attack even when unprevoked.
- Added OnPlayerSpawn output to player spawn ents.
- NPC melee attacks being interupted by damage has been tweaked slightly to prevent stuttering.
- Made some alterations to the custom player model system.
- Shield now protects against Nervegas, Poison, Radiation, and Acid damage.
- Re-activated player lag compensation for teamplay maps and when friendly fire is on.
- Show all players key will now only show players on your team.
- Attention and medic calls will now only appear to/from players on your team.
- Fixed several team changing exploits and bugs.
- Fixed module models.
- Fixed a crash related to the hud waypoint system.
- Fixed some exploits related to Spectator mode.
- Fixed several point_message_multiplayer bugs.
- Fixed some infinite sound loops.
- Fixed logic_merchant_relay purchase sound playing everywhere.

* Map Updates

- Updated oc_breakout.
- Updated oc_courier.
- Updated oc_harvest.
- Updated oc_kake to version k.
- Updated oc_stitches series.
- Updated z_harrier2 to version f.
- Added our new lobby map created by Tysn, oc_lobby.

Check the downloads section for some official download links. 1.33 also brings with it a full installer for those new with the mod.
Posted: 12:00PM PST - Friday, August 22, 2008

Updates Updates Updates!
We are in the testing stages for Patch 1.33 and it should be released within the next couple of days if things go well. Included in this patch, along with many bug fixes, will be our new Lobby map created by Tysn. Here is a teaser shot.

Also, I present you with the changelog for 1.33, which might change slightly on release.

*Changes / Additions

- Added Hand Grenades to weapon_scripted.
- Added some skill values for fast zombie.
- Added points saving for players that get dropped from the server for whatever reason.
- Made some alterations to the custom player model system.
- Shield now protects against Nervegas, Poison, Radiation, and Acid damage.
- Re-activated player lag compensation for teamplay maps and when friendly fire is on.
- Fixed exploit with team changing.
- Fixed module models.
- Fixed a crash related to the hud waypoint system.
- Fixed some exploits related to Spectator mode.
- Fixed several point_message_multiplayer bugs.

*Map Updates

- Updated oc_breakout.
- Updated oc_courier.
- Updated oc_harvest.
- Updated oc_kake to version h.
- Updated oc_stitches series.
- Updated z_harrier2 to version f.
- Added our new lobby map created by tysn, oc_lobby.

Posted: 2:00AM PST - Saturday, August 16, 2008

Version 1.32 Patch Ready
Patch 1.32 is ready, beside some bugfixes and a new feature, This patch also adds an option to turn dynamic content mounting off and get back to static mounting, this should fix the graphic problems for ATI users, but the downside of this is that you have to restart the mod every time you change the mounts, and your client will not automatically adjust your mounts to what the map/server needs. Since there is no other way we know of to get around this issue, we are sorry for the inconveniences it causes.

*Changes / Additions
- Optimized merchant, player model asset, and points transfer data sending.
- Fixed several player model exploits.
- Added Ammo drop window.
- Added an option to turn off content flushing.
- Fixes and alterations made to ep2 coop.
- Added Romka's Gordon playermodel.


- Updated oc_wgh.
- Temporary fix for oc_freezingpoint's not respawning RPG.

Posted: 13:20 GMT+1 - Thursday, July 31, 2008

Version 1.31 Patch Ready
We have just finished up Patch 1.31, which fixes some important exploits and issues. This patch also introduces a new feature for donating points to other players.

*Changes / Additions
- Added player points transfer window. Look at a player you wish to give points and press your transfer button ( configurable in your control settings ). Choose how many points you would like to give, and press accept.
- Fixed spawning of vehicles exploit.
- Added a missing texture.
- Fixed a crash related to vehicle swaping.
- Fixed smg and ar2 nades not being purchasable from merchants.
- Added cheat command givepoints, can only be used with sv_cheats.
- Fixes and alterations made to ep1 and ep2 coop.

I would also like to assure our fans that we are listening to your posts on the forums and working as hard as we can to correct these issues. Some ATI card users are experiencing problems with our dynamic mounting system and we are working on a way to fix this issue or at least make it more comfortable. Also expect more content and maps in coming updates.
A big thanks to our fans for supporting us this far!
Posted: 11:00PM PST - Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Version 1.3 Released!

After one and a half years, we have finally finished Obsidian Conflict version 1.3. There are lot of reasons for the many delays (real life, bugs popping out of nowhere, and the change to the Orange Box engine, which brought the mod back to a very broken stage and stifled our passion), but in the end we finally made it and we are proud to present you version 1.3, which is a gigantic step forward from the now-crippled version 1.23.

New features, new maps and the full Half-Life 2 and Episodes story playable in co-op is what you will get with 1.3. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the downloads section and get your copy today!

*Changes / Additions

- Now using the Episode 2 Engine.
- Added Several HDR material fixes. Some textures were too bright or not setup correctly.
- Added Ironsights. Mapper or server operator chooses whether this is allowed.
- With Ironsights, it is possible to turn off the crosshair to give gameplay a twist.
- Alyxgun can now be used by the player, complete with model and two fire modes. ( Burst and Auto )
- Added giveat cheat command to give weapons on the floor where the player is looking.
- Can now use custom client-side player models (if other clients also have your model, they will see you using it).
- Weapon_scripted can be used by npcs.
- Many other additions to weapon_scripted.
- More npc_zombie custom hammer settings for custom models.
- NPC lag compensation added to increase the chance of hitting NPCs if you have a high ping.
- npc_merchant complete.
- Custom NPC bounding boxes. Makes large headcrabs possible, etc...
- Can spawn Jeeps in certain levels ( Mapper choice ).
- Ichthyosaur now functional.
- Added npc_mortarsynth.
- Entity to create teleport effects (sprite, lightning beams, and sound).
- Flag on npcs that only take damage from explosions to allow bullets to damage them.
- Made multiple env_fog_controllers possible and per-player fog.
- Point_viewcontrols now give the player godmode and notarget while in use.
- Added sv_forcehardleveltransitions to always make hl2dm-like transitions through trigger_changelevels.
- Added an option to trigger_changelevel to select a specific modify file for the next map to use.
- Added prediction similar to the physcannon's with objects picked up with +use
- Players collide with each other again.
- Medkit/Healer can be dropped again, but no extra ammo gained from picking it up.
- Added a random weapon option to most npcs that can use weapons.
- Added an input for game_text entities which allows them to print math_counter values on the screen.
- Added sv_ep1searchpath convar to allow for dynamic mounting/unmounting of episode one content.
- Added sv_freezesearchpaths to prevent the game from automatically enabling sv_ep1searchpath if the next map in the maplist starts with "ep1_" and disabling it otherwise.
- Added sv_npcgib_maxcount to limit maximum number of gibs allowed in the world at any one time. sv_gib_lifetime now defaults to 0 which means gibs will not fade, but can still be set higher to make gibs fade.
- npc_create_equipment is now unique for each player.
- Added info_waypoint entity and accompanying HUD elements.
- Added mp_allowcrosshair and mp_allowironsights to allow for ironsight-only and no ironsight servers.
- Both map briefing and Message of the Day can display together now.
- Added sv_disablemotd to prevent the Message of the Day from showing.
- Added new keybind to display the map briefing at any time.
- Several changes made to the Hydra code including some cleaned up interpolation and sounds.
- A number of ai_ entities now work better in a multiplayer environment.
- Much of the Hl2, Ep1, and Ep2 campaigns have been fixed up for co-op with mapadd scripts.
- Much of HL:S has been fixed up for co-op with mapadd scripts.
- Added bugbait animations and fixed bugbait w_model.
- Added CS:S mapadds to give some of those levels gameplay.
- Distance Sounds added for AR2.
- Performance options tab for more client customization and optimization.
- Made it possible to revive players with no lives who have been put into observer mode.
- Added Items menu to display current held items, ex. Cloak, Shield, Physics Items
- Helmet is now a personal player shield which can be toggled. Old maps still using the item_helmet entity will convert to shield automatically, so pre 1.3 maps don't need to be recompiled.
- Antlion_maker updated for multiplayer environments.
- Added logic_player_branch for outputs depending on player count.
- Lives are now saved when players leave a server to prevent exploiting.
- Added mp_bunnyhop ( Bunnyhop mode. 0 = off, 1 = ep2 style (max speed enforced), 2 = unlimited hop speed. ).
- Added convars sv_deathpenalty and sv_allownegativescore.
- Added inputs to prop_physics and func_physbox to disable and enable collisions with the player.
- ai_goal_follow behavior has been updated for MP.
- Map transition Save / Restore has been added to enable SP-like transitions.
- Added "No Physgun Punt" flag to physics objects.
- Spec camera is now 'fixed position' by default, but can be changed with mp_forcecamera.
- Changelevel triggers get deactivated for one minute after they have been used.
- Changelevel triggers now have a sprite representation.
- Player Manhacks now have a limit.
- Player Manhacks will better loiter around the owning player now.
- Added point_weapon_eater.
- Added Worldspawn option to disable all areaportals in a map.
- Added custom ammo for modify scripts.
- Removed sway from weapon_sniperrifle.
- Added point_message_multiplayer.
- Added logic_merchant_relay, for hammer based (i/o) merchants.
- Added blizzard snow effects option to worldspawn which increases the snow falling speed and adds snow "dust" to all func_precipitation entities set to Snowfall.


- Fixed weapon_scripted weapon hud icons not showing.
- Fixed weapon_scripted not autoswitching like other weapons.
- Fixed High-Def Bullsquid model crash.
- Fixed Shell Eject on CS type weapon models.
- Fixed vehicle gib death bug.
- Fixed several memory leaks.
- Fixed some issues with weapon strips.
- Possible fix for strider aggressive behavior enemy handling.
- Made mapname_cfg.txt have higher priority than server.cfg.
- Fixed a crash involving switching weapons while jumping.
- Fixed enable/disable inputs on snowfall and ash precipitation.
- Fixed a crash involving fading decals and water.
- Fixed Obsidian Human Grunt models.
- Fixed Human Grunts not being able to throw grenades.
- Fixed headcrabs falling from zombies being set to the wrong team.
- Fixed various physcannon bugs in Episode One.
- Fixed momentary_rot_button and linked door functionality.
- Fixed vehicle view lag.
- Fixed CS:S weapons not sitting in players hands.
- Removed Impulse exploits.
- Fixed worldmodel dual uzi tracers not originating properly.
- npc_furniture will no longer take damage and will not give players points.
- Fixed tentacle not performing its sequences.
- Removed frag grenade timer reset on pickup.
- Fixed gibs from gib emitters never fading.
- players in a vehicle_prisoner_pod will now use the prisoner pod animation.


- oc_kake added.
- updated version of oc_broken_escape, now named ep1_oc_broken_escape_01 (requires hl2: ep1).
- oc_castledefense added.
- oc_stitches series added.
- oc_waking_dead added.
- oc_manor added.
- oc_cannon series added.
- oc_courier added.
- oc_harvest added.
- oc_fireteam series added.
- oc_breakout added.

- oc_starlight removed for repair.


- Linux Binaries released in beta form.

*Known Issues

- One elusive crash related to impact sounds (only affects clients playing on dedicated servers).
- Unarmed citizens cannot pick up weapons and Alyx cannot pick up the shotgun in Episode One.
- item_itemcrates sometimes fail to respawn.

Have Fun! And don't forget to check out our forums and our wiki, which contains a lot of useful information for mappers and server operators.

Posted: 04:40 GMT+1 - Saturday, July 12, 2008

We are not dead!
And to prove you that, we will show you a lot of media about Obsidian Conflict 1.3.

One of the biggest changes is that 1.3 now uses the Orangebox engine, that also Half-Life2: Episode2 runs on, we are glad to say that the complete ep2 campaign has been modified for coop, so you can play it with your friends, hl2 has also been fixed up for coop, ep1 is in progress, if it doesnt make its way into 1.3, expect it to be later released on the forums.

(Please note that some of the stuff you see on the screenshots/videos like custom playermodels or custom weapons are not in the campaign maps or included in the mod by default, they are mapper features.)

Now about some of our new features, there are actually a lot more, but explaining them all here would take very long, so we just show the ones that are most interesting for the players.

First screenshot is our new merchant npc, you can buy weapons and equipment there by using your score, But not only weapons, on some maps you can even buy more or less useful, even pointless stuff like hats or a package of Kellogg's, its all up to the mapper.

Second screenshot is our inventory, it can store the cloaking module, the energy shield and a physics object, as long as its not too heavy.

Third screenshot is our custom playermodel feature, so you can play with different playermodels than just rebels if you want. (Please note that the playermodels you see on the screenshot are not included in the mod, but i will release them later on the forums.)

Fourth screenshot is our scripted weapons feature, useful for mappers or if you just want to get your favorite weapon into oc, they can also be used by npcs and they are NOT replacements for the existing weapons.(again, please note that the weapons on that screenshot are not included in the mod.)

And heres a video showing some of our other features in action. (some old features too.)

Now to the maps. Most people will probably already know oc_broken_escape_part1, oc_castledefense and oc_waking_dead from 1.23, These maps have been updated and are included in 1.3, but there are also some completely new maps, oc_courier, oc_stitches, oc_manor, oc_fireteam, oc_breakout and oc_harvest, all made by our new team member Tysn, i wont explain the maps any further, but i will give you screenshots of them, you will find out more about them when you play them ;-)

We also added 3 "mapadd mini missions", they are basically CS:S maps, modified with our "mapadd" feature that lets you modify a map without touching the original map file.

Heres a video of one of them in action.

For more informations or screenshots about Obsidian Conflict 1.3 check out our forums.

Posted: 10:45 GMT+1 - Friday, May 23, 2008

New Team Members!
Allow me to introduce Worfox and Tysn to the team, they will now make official maps for Obsidian. Many of our fans will already know Worfox for his maps oc_broken_escape and oc_castledefense. These two maps are now official Obsidian Conflict maps and will be included in version 1.3. As for progress on 1.3, we continue to finish up new features and test them with our new beta testers. Check out our forums for more information on Obsidian Conflict Version 1.3.
Posted: 1:15AM PST - Monday, October 22, 2007

Website and Ichthyosaur
Well, I havent really been doing my job with the site, but I promise ill get to fixing it up. The front page is sorta getting overly long so that needs to be fixed asap with an 'old news' section. The real reason I posted this news was to keep people who don't frequent our forums the chance to see the fixed up Ichthyosaur for Obsidian Conflict V1.3. As many of you know, Valve didn't finish the code for the Ichthyosaur so it didn't have much life in the retail Half-Life 2 game. Hyper decided he would fix the code and its looking pretty good so far.

For more information on what we are working on and the status of 1.3, check out our forums. We have no problems taking feature requests for 1.3 either so dont be shy.
Posted: 9:30PM PST - Monday, May 28, 2007

The patch has been released, and I hope you are all enjoying it. We have been working non-stop since its release on a hotfix to address any problems encountered by the changes in 1.22.
So Happy New Year everyone, and expect many updates in 2007.
Posted: 3:47PM PST - Monday, January 01, 2007

Obsidian Conflict Version 1.22 Patch is Ready!
We have just finished up the internal testing of the 1.22 patch and are ready to release it to the public. Please be aware that this changelist is also part of version 1.3 which has yet to be released. The version 1.22 patch is our 1.3 pre release. More changes will be made with 1.3 which are not written below. Any items in "work in progress" below are not completed features, but have some functionality in 1.22.
Check out our Downloads page for Links to the 1.22 patch.

*Changes / Additions

- Integrated Valves Latest Code updates.
- NPC_Merchant is a work in progress.
- Grapple weapon is a work in progress.
- trigger_player_count added. ( Several handy tools in one. )
- npc_hydra changes. ( Killing only the player in index 2. )
- Added monster_human_assassin.
- New Game Mounts plus mounts options menu updated.
- Half-Life 1 Style Ladders Readded. Half-Life 2 Ladders still intact.
- Hgrunts have default weapons for HL Source Maps.
- Added new changelevel system. Entity (Save / Restore) and Player (Save / Restore) on map change. Only for maps built in a series.
- Custom Weapon Scripts added. ( use weapon_scripted for even greater customizability. )
- Gonarch is non-solid on death now.
- New Human Grunt Models created by Romka.
- Added npc_fisherman.
- Added Several Entities for usage with Half-Life Source Maps.
- Added new console command ( sv_tauplayerradiusdmg ) which when set to 0 prevents the tau cannon from doing damage to the player on charged attack.
- "give" console command will now also give custom_weapons.
- Added trigger_nocollide which will set players to not collide if they are inside the triggers bounds.
- mp_falldamage changed. ( 0 = 10 damage, 1 = realistic damage, 2 = no damage )
- Combine func_tank ( Mounted Turret ) entities now work in both Normal Half-Life 2 and Episode 1. Effects have also been fixed.
- Gonarch can now spawn classic, poison, and fast headcrabs. Headcrab type can be chosen from hammer.
- NPCs can now use weapon_357.
- Re-added server side attention filters to reduce bandwidth.


- Fixed Several Server Crashes.
- Fixed Several Client Crashes.
- Several Zombine fixes.
- Fixed Episode 1 Voices.
- Fixed some Vehicles not showing up in Dedicated Servers.
- Fixes to the Mapadd system.
- Fixed invalid Movetype bug.


- Several HL2 SP mapadd scripts will be included with this version. Lost Coast fixed for coop.
- oc_starlight map added.
- oc_broken_escape map added.
Posted: 8:30PM PST - Saturday, December 30, 2006

Valve, Grunts, Updates
We have received word from Valve that Obsidian Conflict now has a link on the Steam Stats page. This is great news for us as now it will be easier to figure out what that obsidian name is on the stats list. With Valves email, the Obsidian team also received an invite to the Valve offices to check out their awesome workplace and test episode 2. We are currently very busy with Obsidian and life in general, also being that it is the Christmas season, but we hope to take them up on their offer possibly next year.
On another note, we have received some amazing quality models from our friend Romka. He is a great artist and it really shows in the quality of these models. They will be included with the next Obsidian patch.
I have created two new wallpapers with the new grunt models. Take a look here and here.
As for Obsidian itself, we are working hard on the next release and cant wait to get it out the door. When we think we are close to ready, we think up a new feature or idea to implement. Makes it hard to release the next patch. More information can be found on our forums.
Posted: 10:40AM PST - Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Obsidian Update
Well, we are working at a steady pace on Obsidian V1.3, but we have decided to released a 1.22 patch to correct issues and add new features. This is mainly because we promised frequent updates and haven't really been delivering. This patch will feature our new seamless level changes and Object saving for maps in a series such as Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Half-Life Source. Included will also be a WIP Grapple Gun for you all to try out. By request, we have also updated our options panel for mounting Episode 1 content with Half-Life Source, Counter-Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, and of course, Lost Coast.

Click Here for a larger list of changes.
Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.
Posted: 5:50PM PST - Thursday, November 30, 2006

Obsidian Update
Obsidian has been featured on PC Zone Magazine. We would like to thank unconnected for the scan.
Now back to business. We have had some time to think about what we want to do next with Obsidian. We have a patch ready with some fixes but are considering holding it back till we include a couple more features we would like to add. But its possible that the patch will be released either tomorrow or a couple days from now.
Posted: 9:49AM PST - Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.21 Hotfix!
With the release of Version 1.2 our fans have given us excellent support in finding new bugs to be corrected. In return, we are releasing a 1.2 hotfix which brings the mod to beta v1.21.


- Fixed a couple of crashes on the server.
- Fixed missing materials in oc_stadium.
- Added mp_mapvotepercentage to settings.scr.

This patch isn't required, but is recommended. We will also be releasing Version 1.21 Full shortly.

Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.
Posted: 8:00PM PST - Sunday, September 24, 2006

Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.2 Release!
Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.2 is ready for release!
Please check the downloads section for links to the patch. Stay tuned for the full installer.

Please be aware that you can also update your servers with this patch.
Posted: 9:38AM PST - Sunday, September 24, 2006

Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.2 Changelist
The Time has come to release the official 1.2 changelist.

*Changes / Additions

- Updated to the latest Valve Codebase, HDR etc...
- Telefragging radius lowered.
- Medkit model replacment ( Hammer Option )
- Episode 1 GCF mounting option.
- HL1 Gonarch added.
- HL1 Scientist updates.
- game_lives_manager entity added to give and take lives from the red and blue teams.
- Team based NPCs option.
- Helmet now prevents nerve gas damage.
- Team player skins.
- Hgrunt added, created from combine AI.
- Added NPC Owner field in Hammer npc properties.
- Added Valve MP3 Player.
- Added hud countdown timer for mappers. ( Stop, Start, Hide, Show, Name, trigger inputs and outputs plus further customization. )
- Some npcs will be allowed to follow players on use, mappers choice.
- Sniper Rifle Sway changed for the better.
- Simple vote command for changing the level. Good if the map is stuck, etc... Vote is determined by a percentage console command.
- Several included high def HL1 model replacements thanks to the HIT forums.
- Player ragdoll gibs.
- Garg Death Updated.
- Garg Ragdoll gibs.
- A number of FGD Updates / Changes.


- Fixed a number of crashes on the server and client.
- Fixed some weapon texture issues.
- Fixed a number of NPC Relationship issues.
- Fixed talking Vortigaunt crash.
- Tentacle can no longer die without scripting.
- Fixed Medkit Drain issue while holding down the mouse button.
- Fixed Slam weapon issues.
- Fixed a Metrocop Crash.
- Fixed Combine Camera not enabling on spawn.
- Fixed dynamic props not being properly removed on break.
- Fixed NPC characters disappearing during sequences.
- Fixed Sniper laser not being properly removed when a player leaves a server.
- Fixed crash related to the water shader.


- Updated Docks with HDR lighting.
- Updated Stadium with new NPC spawns, large npc moderation, and HDR lighting.
- Minimall map update.
- Added Umizuri version F.
- Added map oc_seamus.
- Added map oc_evildead.
- WGH map update.

Version 1.2 will be released in the next couple of days.
Also, last nights internal testing went very well. We noticed a number of small bugs and will have those fixed for the weekend release.

Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.
Posted: 8:22AM PST - Thursday, September 21, 2006

Obsidian Featured in PC Action Magazine!
Obsidian Conflict was recently featured in the German gaming magazine PC Action! I would like to thank B.R.A.D.gt19 for the nice high res scan from the magazine and our forum members for the translation.
We have also received several requests from other magazines to feature Obsidian, and also feature the mods full installer on the DVD disk included. We will make sure to get scans of those when available. Check out the translation of the PC Action Magazine scan on our forums.
Posted: 8:00AM PST - Sunday, September 10, 2006

Obsidian 1.2 Update
Today we would like to show off some new in game screenshots of Seamus, a desert map featuring team based capture the flag with a twist. This twist is the use of Antlions and NPC teammates. The Antlions cover the desert making it difficult to cross. The Combine Soldiers are either on the red team or the blue teams side. They will only attack npcs not on a team or the other teams npcs and players. This gives for some interesting gameplay.
We are also very close to releasing 1.2 to the public. Just some bugs here and there. We could have had this release ready last month but decided to hold it and improve some things and fulfill some requests on our forums. We are also working on getting permission to use High Definition Half-Life 1 models from the HIT forums. We thank you for your patience and will try to get updates out sooner next time.

For more screenshots of Seamus, check out the thread on our forums.

And again, thank you for supporting Obsidian.

Posted: 7:00PM PST - Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Obsidian Update
Valve recently released the huge SDK update which included some new toys. The update also fixed a number of Hammer and model compiler issues as well. Hyper has finished implementing the new code and everything is working well. So now for the next release, on top of Valves updates and some fixes, we will be giving some of the maps an HDR lighting pass. This image to the right shows HDR in the docks map, just as the player walks from the darker warehouse area to the outside area.
Posted: 8:03PM PST - Saturday, August 12, 2006

Obsidian Conflict Dedicated Servers
For those updating their dedicated servers we have released some files in the downloads section without installers so you can easily look through the files to make changes. It is also recommended that you extract all HL2 content including the scenes folder to your servers hl2 folder. If you don't wish to try any SP maps on your server you don't need to extract the maps folder.
Posted: 9:31PM PST - Thursday, August 03, 2006

Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.1 Patch Released!
The time has just about come for us to release a patch to fix a number of issues with our first beta. This will update Obsidian to Beta 1.1 status.
I would also like to mention that all maps you may come across on servers that have a different name than an official map such as oc_bunker are not official. The only official maps are the ones that come with the mod. Others will either just be changes by the server operators or early releases for next betas.

The Official Changelog:

*Changes / Additions

- Updated Manhack V model.
- Medkit Stay Timer ( sv_playermedkitstaytime ).
- Gib Fade Timer ( sv_giblifetime ).
- Updated Player Skin.
- New Scoring system.
- Flag added to npc_floor_turret to not allow physgun or player pickup.
- Added Lives Option.
- Updated FGD plus added HL1 NPC entries.
- Added support for clientside ragdoll breakmodels (Including Strider Gibs).
- Added Alient Grunt NPC
- Zombine can now run with Nades.
- Zombine Nades are more Powerfull.
- Updated Obsidian Font.


- Fixed a number of sound issues with new npcs.
- Fixed Player Manhack scared of Zombie npcs.
- Fixed Missing Slam Texture.
- Fixed Multiple Weapon Drop Issues.
- Fixed Cloaking Crash
- Fixed Gauss V model Crash.
- Fixed Footsteps surface crash.
- Fixed Barnacle NPC Crash.
- Fixed Modelinfo crash.
- Fixed Relationship Tables.
- Fixed Dedicated server level change crash.
- Fixed Zombine, now resets himself if the nade doesn't kill.


- Fixed Freezingpoint issues ( Loosing Bomb or Battery, NPC names, crashing entities )
- Several Bunker changes.
- oc_docks optimizations.
- Added oc_Minimall.
- Added oc_wgh
- Added oc_umizuri_c

Please Find the Download in the Downloads section of the site. Expect a full install either today or tomorrow.
Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.

Posted: 4:35PM PST - Thursday, August 03, 2006

Obsidian Updates
Well I hope you all have been enjoying the Beta, we have been happy to receive a lot of praise and comments about the mod. It will help up fix issues and improve the mod with patches etc... Personally I find the community to be the most important aspect of a mod, so I hope you all realize the amount of support you actually give. For that, we thank you.
On the topic of patches, we have one planned for release very soon to fix several issues. More info on this when the patch arrives.

On another note, we would like to Welcome Nokia to the coding crew and The Fox to the mapping crew. Both of which have shown great potential and will help with upcoming versions.
Nokia is also the lead coder from Black Mesa Source so expect some great things ahead.

And that is all for this "Obsidian Update".
And again, Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.

Posted: 8:00AM PST - Friday, July 28, 2006

Obsidian Release!
We are now ready to release Beta 1 of the mod to the public. Current links can be found in the Downloads section. Over the next couple of days we will make sure to get more links up to you all.
So check it out, and talk about the experience in the forums. Since we are in Public Beta Testing we need to know all the problems you encounter so we can fix them in patches.

Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict!
Posted: 5:34PM PST - Tuesday, July 22, 2006

Website Update
I have just updated the website in preparations for the first public Beta release. As you can see the Downloads button has been added. Along with some general website updates to help some less fortunate people using a browser other than Firefox for Internet Enjoyment. About, Team, Links pages have also been added and the website is now in full swing. The current graphics and coding checklists for Beta 1 have become very small and we feel a release could happen in only a number of days.

Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.
Posted: 12:00AM PST - Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Flashlight Rave
We have been working hard on the release of Obsidian Beta 1 and we hope to have that out soon. We are not sure about a release next week but keep your fingers crossed that we can pull it off. So for a couple updates. Hyper has finished the customizable flashlight. So now you can set the color you wish your flashlight to be in-game and show off your true colors to all of your friends. The color change sliders will also be included in the new mod options window. As for other progress, the uzis are in-game and working well. We have also been squashing bugs left and right to keep the experience as bug free as we can. On another note, we are still looking for more Mappers, Modelers, Animators, and Texture artists so if you are interested please post on the forums.
Please Check out the latest screenshots on our forums or the quick link to the left. We have included some screenshots from our latest internal tests.
Posted: 8:19AM PST - Saturday, June 25, 2006

Obsidian Update
I would just like to mention that we have some more finalized images of the customizable hud in the screenshots section. On another note we would like to announce that we will be releasing a public beta in the coming weeks so stay tuned.
Posted: 10:18PM PST - Saturday, June 17, 2006

Obsidian Hud
In a continuing effort to keep our supporters updated, I would like toObsidian Custom Hud show off some early work our Lead Coder Hyperjag3 has produced on our customizable hud. Players will be able to give Obsidian that personal feel with the ability to change several hud elements via the mod options panel. Here is a screenshot of what to expect, more to come.
Posted: 3:15AM PST - Sunday, June 11, 2006

Obsidian Update
Today we are showing off the work in progress Obsidian version of the Zombine NPC. First seen in Half-Life 2 Episode 1, now we have it in Obsidian for mappers to use. Also in the screenshots is one of Joes Coop Maps.
Zombine Screenshot 1Zombine Screenshot 2
These Screenshots have also been added to the Media Forums.

I have also fixed the website issue with tables getting moved when the Explore screen size is changed. The site was built in 800x800 so everyone could see it correctly.
Posted: 7:40PM PST - Thursday, June 08, 2006

Obsidian Direction
As it happens we have just finished an agreement between JoeScoma mod, the group that brought you the amazing Coop maps for HL2: Deathmatch. As of now we have officially merged to give everyone an even greater HL2 Coop Experience!
The Mod might have a name change but that has still yet to be decided. For the time being feel free to check out the forums and post your comments about our media. The site isn't complete as you might have noticed some of the links on the side do not work. Since those pages will need to be changed to reflect the merger, we are keeping them behind closed doors for now.

On a side note, this site was designed using Firefox, you may find more info about that on the affiliates bar to the right. As such, the site may not look 100% correct on IE or Netscape. Please consider changing to Firefox if not for the security but also for its sexy appearance.
Posted: 1:47PM PST - Friday, May 29, 2006

Obsidian Conflict Website
Hello and Welcome to the New Obsidian Conflict Website. We have changed a lot around and created this site from scratch instead of using PHP-Nuke. New forums have been added so all the original posts and accounts have gone. But this is a new start for the project and we hope to get some new members soon.
Posted: 10:04PM PST - Friday, May 28, 2006
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