If you like Obsidian Conflict and feel like helping us improving the mod, we would really appreciate your donation. Your donation will be used for various things related to oc, like renting official oc servers and paying for the website, all the stuff that keeps the mod alive.

To donate, simply click on the Donate button below to get to our PayPal donation page, the amount of money you donate is of course completely up to you.

If you specify your Steam ID during the donation process, donations over 5,00 EUR will get you access to some of our exclusive donor features.*
If you also give us your forum name and/or Discord ID, you will be given donator ranks respectively.


If you wish to support some of our team members directly, you can do so via Patreon. This will go directly to the specific team member's pockets, for example to help them stay afloat financially.
For additional information, refer to the description on the member's Patreon page.

Current members with a Patreon page:


If you want to support a member who is not on Patreon, you may want to directly message them via the forums or Steam to get in touch.

*We are still thinking about ways to thank donors, as of now donors are able to make their name any color they want in Chat, Scoreboard, TargetID & Deathnotice.
Please note that your ingame donor access will get added with the next update.
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