Support Obsidian Conflict today!

If you like Obsidian Conflict and feel like helping the mod out, we would really appreciate your donation. Your donation will be used for various things related to OC, like renting official OC servers and paying for the website, all the stuff that keeps the mod alive.

To donate, simply click on the Donate button below to get to our PayPal donation page, the amount of money you donate is of course completely up to you.

If you specify your Steam ID, forum name and/or Discord ID during the donation process, donations over 5,00 EUR will get you access to some of our exclusive donor features.

Click here for full instructions.

Once you've filled out the fields and clicked "Continue", you're taken to a second page where you have to enter a valid E-mail address, as well as your Steam ID or a comment if you want.

We do not ask for a minimum donation. Every little bit helps! However, 5€ / ~$6 is the minimum that will gain you the bonus features.

If you have an extra account ( owned by you ) that you wish to add the features to, this shouldn't be a problem. Please contact us about this before you make your donation.

As it would cost us money to do so, we can't offer refunds on donations. If special circumstances are involved, contact us and we'll see if we can arrange something.

Those who donate 5€ / ~$6 or more can set their name to any colour they want in the game ( chat, scoreboard, target ID and death notice ).

The donor list is currently hardcoded within the mod so it only gets updated on each new version of the mod. We would like to change this to a more flexible solution in the future.

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