Crash when starting oc_return_c17_02

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Crash when starting oc_return_c17_02

Postby D.D.D. Destroyer » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:13 pm

I start up my listen server with the map set to oc_return_c17_02 (or just finish _01) and the moment the loading ends my client crashes and takes the server with it - quite literally one or two frames after the loading is done it freezes. Once a few seconds passed before the client froze but the moment I touched a movement key it did.

I have episodes, Lost Coast, CSS and DoD:S mounted, but the same thing happens with them unmounted.

I'm not entirely sure would else to mention, but I'd appreciate some help. I remember playing that map on one of the previous versions of Obsidian Conflict and I wanted the full campaign experience.

EDIT: False alarm, turns out the server has a major hiccup, throwing up quite a few vmt errors, and after some time the client unfreezes and the map works properly. My bad for being so impatient, sorry.