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Half Life Source

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:07 am
by tanksarevictory
Idk if this forum is dead or not but I have a question about using HL:S in OC. I decided to have a go with playing OC and I do own HL:S on steam and followed the instructions here to mount the game: ... =247867925 and it works but:

Any scientists or barneys that I spawn via the console don't talk when getting them to follow the player, but they do talk whenever you annoy them in the anomalous materials maps (saying "Leave me alone" and "I'm rather busy now") or when they're talking to each other. The scientists actually DO say something when you make them stop following you but barney says nothing at all, so I have a feeling the problem is to do with the sentences.txt file in the OC directory?

Re: Half Life Source

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:39 pm
by MaestraFĂ©nix
HL:S isn't supported on 1.35. While you can mount their content, the support to play the campaign wasn't finished and a lot of entities are buggy / missing.

The incoming Steam version has already solved all of that. Also I recommend to you to visit us in our Discord, we don't use the forums nowadays but we keep it online for archive purposes.