(MMD->Source MODELS) Touhou models (Terminated)

Show off work in progress models.
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Re: (MMD->Source MODELS) Touhou models

Post by MaestraFénix » Wed May 02, 2012 5:00 pm

Since that troll was able to get and release the ragdolls on perfect state (which is a complete mystery from who he got them), and the ragdolls are able to be transformed into playermodels, i announce the disband of the MMD porting team (both FP and OC team).

Those who have the prototype models are free to do whatever they want, since the models were released.

I want to thank the entire team for their perseverance during the nearly 4 years the proyect was there, as well as all those people who collaborated with us trying to get the models legally.

"MMD to Source Touhou team":

Vaust Kil (Original leader)
Maestro Fénix
Plasma Headcrab

Is pretty sad that a troll with their dirty and illegal methods have been finally succeeded, but sadly the people who support him doesnt realize about the catastrophe that it just begun. The Source and the MMD community have been seriously wounded in this attack to the modelers, and the damage that is causing could even make restrict MMD completely to the western people.

This is the end of this proyect. Someone lock this thread as quickly as possible.

At least Miss Eleksin isnt here for see this ;_; ...
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