Possible storyline for OC

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Possible storyline for OC

Post by Agent93 » Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:56 pm

Combine's attack and invasion on earth were a strategical plan.
Before the earth invasion, combine destroyed and conquered lots of different
planets in the galaxy and forced many inhabitants to be their slaves.
Combine is like virus, it's spreading everywhere by destroying and making chaos.
They are believed to be devil's messengers.
There's nothing that can stop them. Until now. Combine found a new planet called
Artheus. Combine started massive war against it's inhabitant's just for one reason. Artheus has
Very important power resources that combine needs in order to continue their war against other
planets and galaxies. But Artheus and it's citizens called Aryals already knew that some day
combine would be interested about their power resources so they were ready to battle.
Combine's and Aryal's war still continues and when the black mesa accident happens, combine notices
another, weak planet called earth and it was almost nearby Artheus. Immediately they strike against the humans and made the earth
as their military safe zone, where they made warmachines and gathered their troops into battle against Artheus.
Because there was a need to keep humans away of their war plans as well as keeping them in control,
combine converted part of earth's population against it's own race by converting all those who resisted
into combine soldier or other missions. This plan safed combine's own resources that they needed in battle
against Artheus. Dr. Breen was admitted to be the one that keeps humans in control by telling them
fake information about the combine's plans,so that no one could never had even a smaller knowledge that
combine were actually at war against other planet and believe or not, were losing the fight.

Combine build Citadels on earth that were their warmachine and troop factories around the earth.
They also prevented Aryals to track this other planet that were also srtuggling against the combine.

But now, when the Europes citadel is detroyed, and when the truth exposes, humans and aryals
will make a military appointment against the combine. The Great battle begins...

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Re: Possible storyline for OC

Post by Gary » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:55 pm

OC is not really a "one track" mod like most. OC does have nor does it need a story line.

I see OC as a platform for the community and team to build their maps upon. Anyone here can make a map series with it's own story and gameplay.

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Re: Possible storyline for OC

Post by MaestraFénix » Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:06 pm

That is just the history of HL. Just change the names for <unknown name of the Vortigaunts planet>, Xen and Vortigaunts.

And Obisidian Conflict doesnt have just a history. Like happens in Sven Co-op, it are the maps who tells a history (if it tells one).

But yeah,a campaign just in the beginning of the 7 Hours War would be could (except that we couldnt use the normal soldiers, we should create a new enemy looking in the concept art, like the team of Opposing Force 2 are making).
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