Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.1 Patch Released!

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Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.1 Patch Released!

Post by skidz » Sun Aug 06, 2006 12:06 am

The time has just about come for us to release a patch to fix a number of issues with our first beta. This will update Obsidian to Beta 1.1 status.
I would also like to mention that all maps you may come across on servers that have a different name than an official map such as oc_bunker are not official. The only official maps are the ones that come with the mod. Others will either just be changes by the server operators or early releases for next betas.

The Official Changelog:

*Changes / Additions

- Updated Manhack V model.
- Medkit Stay Timer ( sv_playermedkitstaytime ).
- Gib Fade Timer ( sv_giblifetime ).
- Updated Player Skin.
- New Scoring system.
- Flag added to npc_floor_turret to not allow physgun or player pickup.
- Added Lives Option.
- Updated FGD plus added HL1 NPC entries.
- Added support for clientside ragdoll breakmodels (Including Strider Gibs).
- Added Alient Grunt NPC
- Zombine can now run with Nades.
- Zombine Nades are more Powerfull.
- Updated Obsidian Font.


- Fixed a number of sound issues with new npcs.
- Fixed Player Manhack scared of Zombie npcs.
- Fixed Missing Slam Texture.
- Fixed Multiple Weapon Drop Issues.
- Fixed Cloaking Crash
- Fixed Gauss V model Crash.
- Fixed Footsteps surface crash.
- Fixed Barnacle NPC Crash.
- Fixed Modelinfo crash.
- Fixed Relationship Tables.
- Fixed Dedicated server level change crash.
- Fixed Zombine, now resets himself if the nade doesn't kill.


- Fixed Freezingpoint issues ( Loosing Bomb or Battery, NPC names, crashing entities )
- Several Bunker changes.
- oc_docks optimizations.
- Added oc_Minimall.
- Added oc_wgh
- Added oc_umizuri_c

Please Find the Download in the Downloads section of the site. Expect a full install either today or tomorrow.
Thank you for supporting Obsidian Conflict.

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