Combine Rebel Player Model request

Request prop/weapon models, mapping prefabs, map textures or texture replacements here.
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Combine Rebel Player Model request

Post by MindFlash » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:17 am

So me and a friend are playing Half-Life 2 right now and we've made up this story where Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard arrives in city 17 at the same moment thus fighting their way through the combine forces together.

It's been really fun so far and now a third friend has joined the fray. But as we thought that Barney Calhoun didn't fit the story all to well, as he was occupied elsewhere during the events followed in Half-Life 2, I wrote a Half-Life 2 novel connecting a third (made up) character named: "Job Swansson".
In short Job Swansson is a Ciliv Protection officer who has advanced in ranks so far that he is "offered" a experimental, Combine HEV suit. To prevent it from falling into enemy hands the Combine has made it possible for Job's body (through synthetic organs) to recharge and create an electrical field around his skin using the same power source as the H.E.V and the P.C.V used by Adrian Shephard.

Now here's the problem. We have two functioning player models for Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard but none for Job.

I have however found two models that I really like but I can't get anyone of those to work as they are constructed for the GMod and cannot be simply drawn into a Obsidian Conflict or Synergy folder.

As I am no modeller, nor my friends, I would be extremely grateful if any of you guys could make make a playermodel out of: ... =159822704 (the barney 1 model with modified combat armor, would be perfect for the story!)

or: (Equally good)

that could be simply drawn into a folder without any Lua files.

Ps. If any of you guys would like to read the novel I would gladly send it to you through e-mail.

Would really appreciate your help!

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