Request a L4D medkit

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Request a L4D medkit

Postby Sabre » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:14 pm

I will likely regret this, but during a brief moment of bordom I made some L4D medkits/backpack reskins for some people I know online. Here are the results ... tab=public ... tab=public

Now that I have made a blank medkit skin without the +, I can make a medkit with whatever you like on it in just a few minutes. I know not everyone here is a modder, and I won't be doing 1000 MLP backpacks, but if anyone has a request, just post below with a colour you want the medkit to be and an image, preferibly without a background or a background I can easy remove, and I will whip them up.

I will post them in VPK format. If you just want the blank skin to make your own I can post that too.