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I have a doubt about the use of the BM content

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:03 pm
by MaestraFénix
I should use it? I mean, it would be good for Obsidian Conflict?.

The fact that their creators gave to their stuff a CC License was a bless, because it speeds me making my map (i have to do now only two or three models), with their textures and models, but then, i fall again in the argue about custom content:

  • Quality stuff.
  • Able to be used, distributed and modified due the CC License.
  • Is ready to be used.
  • (In most of the cases) It rises the visuals of the map, and auments the integration of the players in the plot of the map.
  • The size of the total custom content could rise a lot (and we know what happens with the maps that has more of 60MB of size).
  • Probably it would lose any opportunity to be an official map.
  • Problems with other people if they use them too (overwrite/dispersion of the files, since OC can´t mount BM).
  • (Not realist?) There would be an argue about if it would be legit use the content of another mods to improve a mod.
For the moment i´m going to use it, and, depending of what happens (and if i have time), i´ll see if i remplace that stuff for another content.