[SourceMod | Deprecated] Illegal Model Fix 1.0.0

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[SourceMod | Deprecated] Illegal Model Fix 1.0.0

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This plugin is deprecated, if you have already installed this hotfix, you do not need to install this plugin.

An exploit that allows players to change their player model to arbitrary models has recently been reported. Since the next version of Obsidian Conflict is not yet ready for release, this hotfix should hold until then. I encourage all server operators running SourceMod to install this hotfix. If you have already installed Model Reservation, you do not need to install this hotfix.


Commands & Console Variables:
None (except for version ConVar).


Place modelfix.smx into the /sourcemod/plugins directory.


Code: Select all

Version 1.0.0
Initial release
In case you haven't already noticed, this is a plugin for server operators, not clients.

Known Bugs/Limitations/Future Improvements:
None at this time.

- Dr Headhumper for making the bug report

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