Server Stuck on Object error?

Need Help? The Day isnt going so well on the Mapping front?
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Server Stuck on Object error?

Post by Sabre » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:43 pm

Out of bordom I have dusted off the old hammer and I'm mapping again (though Im more of a coder then a mapper, and Im a poor coder) and I'm making a ep2 map.

The map is set in a mine, and already I've hit a problem. When I'm walking over my displacements I occationally get (about 1-5 chance) an error flash in the top right "Server stuck in object 0/mapname"
I put down a nodraw carpet but that reduced the problem rather then getting rid of it. Any more and it might look a bit weird. Being set in a mine kind of makes that a problem.

Is this something to be worried about, and whats the cause?

Also, any way to make sure I only use episode 2 textures. I select the ep2 filter, but I'm sure there are textures in ep2 that it's not showing.


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Re: Server Stuck on Object error?

Post by Axel_m3sh » Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:48 am

didja make displacements power by 4?? i heard it makes errors and shiz if you walk on it lol

If it's anything else other then my guess, then my guess is up in smoke

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