Voice Acting Offer

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Voice Acting Offer

Post by Deathy » Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:26 pm

I know the related threads have been old for a year or two, but if there is anyone who wants a line, two lines or a little bit more to be included in his map or needs some voice acting for a map part, here's your chance.
A selection of work examples can be found here
YouTube Playlist: #Voice Acting (some of the other videos on the channel include voice-overs by myself as well)
and here
Soundcloud Set: Voice Projects
(that said, the last two are partly German, so not necessarily important, third last is back from 2011. I had the chance to voice act for The New Era Source mod, but I haven't followed that path).

You may contact me via personal message, in this thread or preferably send an e-mail to Image. Please use the tag [varequest] in the subject so my filters can catch it.
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