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Updates Updates Updates!

Post by skidz » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:32 am

We are in the testing stages for Patch 1.33 and it should be released within the next couple of days if things go well. Included in this patch, along with many bug fixes, will be our new Lobby map created by Tysn. Here is a teaser shot.

Also, I present you with the changelog for 1.33, which might change slightly on release.

*Changes / Additions

- Added Hand Grenades to weapon_scripted.
- Added some skill values for fast zombie.
- Added points saving for players that get dropped from the server for whatever reason.
- Made some alterations to the custom player model system.
- Shield now protects against Nervegas, Poison, Radiation, and Acid damage.
- Re-activated player lag compensation for teamplay maps and when friendly fire is on.
- Fixed exploit with team changing.
- Fixed module models.
- Fixed a crash related to the hud waypoint system.
- Fixed some exploits related to Spectator mode.
- Fixed several point_message_multiplayer bugs.

*Map Updates

- Updated oc_breakout.
- Updated oc_courier.
- Updated oc_harvest.
- Updated oc_kake to version h.
- Updated oc_stitches series.
- Updated z_harrier2 to version f.
- Added our new lobby map created by tysn, oc_lobby.

I know this is rather old news, I forgot to put it here as well.

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Post by Hydra » Fri Aug 22, 2008 3:42 pm

Looking good.

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