Friendly Human Grunts - Voice Lines

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Re: Friendly Human Grunts - Voice Lines

Post by Taggart » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:25 am

And as of now I will soon be completely revisting the lines.

Main changes;

Generally smaller, smoother lines. Slightly more of an accent (perhaps, maybe not). Better, etc.

The best example would be the contact lines. Previously I was working with somewhat funny but also rather long lines for specific enemies. These will be replaced by shorter, quicker identifiers.

For example, "Contact!" or "Enemy Sighted!" will be generic terms. Zombies may prompt "Necrotics!" or "Zeds in sight!" or "Contact, Zombies!". Antlions may prompt "Contact, Antlions!" or "Engaging Antlions!" etc etc etc.

I'll be making a list to see exactly what will be needed and will work from there. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah and as of this post all of the original line files have been removed from Dropbox, so none of the links will work. I'll probably get to removing those links soon since the first post will have to link to the new ones sooner or later, but either way, there's the notation now.

Oh also stay tuned for some updates on the actual Grunts side - maybe. Still got a bit to do with them but getting there ever so slowly.

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