thank you for making my childhood great

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thank you for making my childhood great

Post by matthewoc » Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:13 am

it's been a really long time since I played obsidian conflict. Like, a really really long time. Maybe 8 years or so ago I started playing OC and I spent so many nights of my childhood playing this mod, so many Christmas breaks and weekends and summer nights for years staying up all night playing harvest, diving, payson, fishing, so many maps that I can't even remember, playing with so many random people for hours that I've totally forgotten and will never meet again. It's crazy to think it was so long ago, such simpler and innocent times with no responsibility just coming home from school and playing garry's mod and obsidian conflict all day and all night. now that I'm home from college for christmas break, I can't help but just remember how I used to stay up all night having an absolute blast on this game and other source engine games. I still remember that Erik guy who would just sit AFK in servers for hours on end. I remember I checked his profile a couple years ago and he had over 10k hours on OC. I just wish I could go back and spectate myself playing just to see how much stuff I can't even remember.

So thank you for making this amazing mod and although it's been many years since I last played it and almost nobody plays it anymore, I really do still think about it a lot.

And I have just one question that probably won't be answered, but my favorite map back then was oc_payson. There was a secret room that would give you tons of money. Some guy got into it one time and he wouldn't let us see how to do it. I swear I spent hours trying to find some secret button or code and even looked in Hammer many years later but couldn't find a thing. I still do wonder to this day how in the world you get there. Maybe someone can finally tell me the secret after all these years?

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Re: thank you for making my childhood great

Post by Maestro Fénix » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:46 pm

Glad you had so much fun with us.

I don't know about that secret but maybe someone does in our Discord, come and visit us!
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