Creating a dedicated server in 2019

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Creating a dedicated server in 2019

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I've just started playing Obsidian Conflict again with some friends, and I'd really like to be able to set up a dedicated server for us to play on but I can't figure it out now. I did it years ago with the HLDS tool, but I'm trying to use SteamCMD now. My problem is that the instructions provided by valve for using SteamCMD and the instructions on the Obsidian Conflict wiki for setting up a server don't go together, I can't follow both of them. Is it still possible for me to set up an Obsidian Conflict dedicated server? And if it is, can someone point me in the right direction for doing it?

Thanks in advance :D , if anybody is still on these forums! :dance:
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Re: Creating a dedicated server in 2019

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