Obsidian Conflict is back on track

Author: Shana | Posted: 13:37 EDT - Saturday, 12 May, 2018

Long time no see, huh?


It’s already been eight years since the release of 1.35 in 2010, six years since the release of the 1.35 hotfix in 2012 and three years since the community-made mountfix for 1.35 in 2015. Time flies so quickly, doesn’t it?


As most of you know, work on the Steam version stalled around 2013. Real life, Source updates and other development complications got in the way of doing things.


A lot of time has passed and we’re all adults with responsibilities now, greatly reducing the time we can dedicate to the mod.


Development was hit the hardest when the Steampipe update was rolled out. Source 2007 was broken to the point we were forced to port the mod over to Source 2013 on a completely new file system.


We could no longer effectively work on features for the mod, all our time had to be spent on fixing things that worked fine before. We lost a good amount of members, including some key members for various reasons. Our team ended up too small for the tasks ahead and even we considered development of the mod to be dead at that point.


But fortunately, that’s over.


Early 2017, development continued and we now have a fully functioning version of Obsidian Conflict running on Source 2013 with lots of new content, features and bug fixes.

Once we are done, this version will finally be released on Steam!



This wouldn’t have been possible without a few new faces on our team: Maestro Fénix, Alice Weiss and Lockzag have been hard at work to make this possible. But we also have to thank our community contributors for helping us out with a few tasks.


However, even with the help we already got, it’s still a lot of work.

Due to our low numbers we’re spread pretty thin across many different tasks, slowing down progress.


There are a lot of “5-minute” jobs we could use some help on. We even accept one-time contributions if you don’t feel like commiting to the team completely.

Mappers, animators and programmers are the kind of people we need. Fixing and updating official maps and mapadds, finishing models, some of which only lack animations or textures as well as working on the code are the tasks we could use an extra hand for.





We can’t give you an exact date for the release yet, but it will likely be some time this year.


Once again, thank you for sticking with us, it’s a real pleasure having you as fans and this mod wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Just have a little more patience with us. To make the wait easier, here’s a little video showcasing some of our new work:

(Turn on captions)


We also have a new website now and updated both the forums and wiki to get rid of the problems they were having.


And one last thing: we have a Discord now, so feel free to join us and see what we’re up to!

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