Unofficial mountfix

Author: Shana

Hello everyone, we’d just like to inform you that our community member jfm created an automatic mountfix installer, big thanks to him!

Please note that it is not created by the OC team and we do not take responsibility for any damage it might do to your system.

It comes in 2 versions, one with a full OC installer included and one with just the mountfix.

Please make sure .NET Framework 4.5 is installed and you're running at least Windows Vista, XP is not supported.

*Full installer exe | Moddb mirror
*Mountfix only | Moddb mirror

Zipped versions, for those that want them:

*Full client zipped (requires running mountfix manually)
*Full server zipped (requires running mountfix manually)

So how does it work and what does it do?
*Before installing, make sure you have SDK Base 2007 and all the games you want to mount installed and fully working in Steam.

*Now, you either just run the full installer, which will execute the mountfix.exe once it’s done installing OC, or

*place the mountfix. exe in your existing Steamapps/Sourcemods/Obsidian folder, run it, either type "client" or "server" and hit enter.

The server part installs and configures a basic server config setup for first time server admins and requires a login.
The login is required for SteamCMD and is NEVER stored.

For more information and credits, check this Readme.

Please note that the mountfix can take a long time to complete and it may seem like nothing is happening at all. Don’t close the window, this is normal! The window will close once it’s done.

What the mountfix does is it first scans for your installed games, extracts the content from their depositories and then creates symlinks in your steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2007 folder.
This process is very hard disk-heavy and thus can take a long time to complete.

This also doubles the disk space taken for each installed, mountable game since the files now exist twice; once in the normal Steam depositories and once as unpacked files which OC can read.

We are still working on a proper hotfix, but until then, this is a good stop-gap measure if you or your friends want to get into some OC action right now.  Posted: 19:30 GMT+1 - Sunday, 12.07.2015

Happy new year!

Author: Shana

We wish everyone a happy new year and hope you had great holidays!

This was initially meant to be a Christmas post, but Christmas preparations and celebrations kept me a bit busy, so please excuse the slight delay. :)

We've got good news for you!

We would like to welcome KittopiaCreator aboard the OC team, where he will be assisting us in programming! In addition, we have an additional member whom we will be announcing soon, so stay tuned.

So things are definitely looking better as we can actually make some progress now.

Sadly that's all we can tell you right now. We're still in the process of porting OC over to the 2013 SDK, so there's nothing really "new" until that's done.

See you in 2015! Posted: 19:15 GMT+1 - Tuesday, 31.12.2014

Breaking the silence

Author: Shana

Surprise! We still exist!

We have a hotfix in the works to address some of the problems that have been plaguing OC the last few months, it will fix the now-broken mounting system and improve stability of both the client and server.
Because this hotfix requires new binaries for both the server and client, you can expect a few new features too. Everyone who donated after the 1.35 release will finally get their donor access as well.

Sadly we can't give you an ETA just yet due to slow progress, our biggest problem is the lack of coders actively working on the code.
Some are too busy with their job or education while others simply don't feel like working on the code or haven't been in contact with the team for months.

That's why we're actively looking for new coders to ensure OC has a future, so if you:

* Are proficient with C++, git and Source

* (Beneficial, but is not mandatory) have experience with graphics and shaders (especially with regard to Source)

* Are able to communicate with the team (not just language barriers, etc. but also whether you can work with team members without attitudes and all getting in the way)

* Have enough time to work on a project like this (of course real life still takes priority, but you should at least be able to work on the mod somewhat regularly)

... Then post an application on the forums, send it via Email ( or message one of our team members directly!
Of course we are always looking for other positions like mapping and modeling too, so don't be shy!

A big "Thank you!" to everyone who hasn't given up on us yet and sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We're going to post news more often from now on, even if it's just a small update to keep you in the loop.
Posted: 18:45 GMT+1 - Tuesday, 07.10.2014

Obsidian Conflict 1.35 Hotfix #1

Author: Shana

Greetings everyone!

Due to the amount of time the Steamworks version takes, we decided to release hotfixes for the currently released version (1.35) to make the wait more bearable by ironing out some of the pesky bugs 1.35 has.

There are 2 versions;

One for dedicated servers, which contains the server binaries and improved mapadds,

As well as a client version which does not contain any binary files due to risks of possibly triggering VAC.

Even though personal tests showed that nothing happened yet running newer client binaries, we decided we do not want to take the risk since answers from Valve regarding that matter have been ambiguous at best, so do not get the hotfixes mixed up when you install them (no running the mod client with the hotfix server binary).

As mentioned before, this also contains a few improved mapadds, specially for some of the Half-Life 2 maps which got broken due to Valve porting HL2 and EP1 to the Orange Box Engine.

We are sure more hotfixes for 1.35 will follow to iron out even more bugs and probably even a full release at one point (like an 1.35b) which will allow us to update the client binaries without risk as well.
Below is the full changelog. Please note that even though most of these changes/fixes were ported over from the Steamworks version, this hotfix does not represent its current progress.


[Add]Mod version to DLL init strings
[Add]Level change note to the 'sv_lan' convar
[Add]Support for customizing view recoil settings for scripted weapons
[Add]'sv_selfdamagepenalty' convar to determine whether players should have points deducted for damaging themselves
[Add]'sv_showents' command to dump a list of entities to console
[Add]'buildver' command to print information about the binary
[Add]Model path fixups to reduce memory footprint
[Add]env_caption_token_emitter entity to enable manual emission of close captions and subtitles
[Add]'sv_brush_preview' command to facilitate viewing brush models by model identifier
[Add]Spawnflag to logic_player_branch to allow counting only live players
[Add]Player extinguishing upon death
[Add]FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE to the 'say' and 'say_team' commands
[Add]Anti-griefing countermeasure for npc_turret_floor
[Change]'ch_createairboat' and 'ch_createjeep' commands now place players in vehicles upon spawning them
[Change]point_teleport now supports teleporting clients outside the specified radius
[Change]npc_bullsquid now detect headcrabs more reliably
[Change]Players now become non-solid when on ladders
[Change]env_entity_dissolver now dissolves players properly
[Change]Hid multiple point_viewcontrol enabled warning
[Change]Greatly reduced the chances of players getting teamkilled by vehicles driven by teammates
[Change]Disabled respawning for health vials dropped by NPCs with the 'drop healthkit' spawnflag
[Change]Disabled respawning for healthkits thrown by rebel medics
[Change]Parented trigger_hurt, env_beam and env_laser entities now correctly award points for kills to their holding player
[Change]Entity spawning commands to automatically convert given strings to lowercase
[Change]Players calling for help now have some influence on rebel medics and vortigaunts that are able to charge players' armor
[Change]NPCs under the influence of ai_goal_follow will now timeout and follow another player if the one they are following turns idle
[Change]Integrated code additions for overriding individual NPC weapon proficiencies by Gjsdeath (
[Change]Player ragdolls and gibs wil now be ignited if their owning player is on fire at death
[Change]Game description strings now include the mod and hotfix version
[Change]entityflame now calls Extinguish() on all flammable entities
[Change]'motdurl' convar value changes now take effect instantaneously
[Change]Tripmine lasers now ignore friendly NPCs
[Change]Player spawned vehicles will now emit a locked sound when used by a non-owning player
[Change]Integrated scenes.image fallback by TomEdwards (
[Change]Integrated AI perception behavior enhancement by Anzy (, controllable with the 'ai_investigate_sounds' convar or the 'investigatesounds' keyvalue
[Change]Telefragging is now controllable with the 'mp_telefrag' convar
[Change]npc_manhack_weap now prevents collisions with players when not in teamplay (W.I.P.)
[Change]The number of pellet shots for weapon_shotgun and weapon_scripted now follows the value of the 'sk_plr_num_shotgun_pellets' convar
[Change]item_ammo_crate now prevents players standing on top of them denying them from being used
[Change]NPCs now allow overriding their field of view through the 'fovoverride' keyvalue
[Change]Enabled RPG laser toggle sounds
[Change]monster_bigmomma and zombie variants now allow specifying names for child headcrabs through the 'crabname' keyvalue
[Change]Disabled the Mega Gravity Gun picking up vehicles and crane magnets
[Change]Disabled the Gravity Gun punting or pulling props that have players on top of them
[Change]The Gravity Gun now disables punting player occupied vehicles (controllable with the 'physcannon_punt_drivenvehicles' convar)
[Change]Enhanced vortigaunt accuracy against players
[Change]'ent_create' and 'give' commands now call Activate() on spawned entities
[Change]The healer now awards points for healing allies, controllable with the 'mp_healerpoints' convar
[Change]trigger_changelevel now supports delayed level transitions (controllable with the 'sv_levelchange_delay', 'sv_levelchange_percentage' and 'sv_levelchange_message' convars)
[Change]Improved Half-Life 2 campaign MapAdds
[Fix]Players occasionally picking up grenades, S.L.A.M.s or manhacks without ammunition being supplied
[Fix]Crossbow bolt explosion damage being applied twice
[Fix]point_vehiclespawn using incorrect data types
[Fix]'showmapbriefing' command causes crashes when used on dedicated servers
[Fix]Bug #76 (Flag/keyvalue to disable god/notarget in point_viewcontrol)
[Fix]Thrown rollermines teamkilling players and allied NPCs
[Fix]Points being awarded for damaging teammates
[Fix]Partially fixed Bug #80 (FireUnderwater1/2 option doesn't work on scripted weapons)
[Fix]Bug #74 (Jeep does not stop when the driver is killed by gauss deflection)
[Fix]Points being awarded for dropped healerkits being picked up by players on the opposing team
[Fix]Children of held props colliding with the carrying player
[Fix]Bug #22 (func_tank output not firing)
[Fix]Players and NPCs dropping persistent weapons when gibbed while the Mega Gravity Gun is active
[Fix]Bug #83 (point_viewcontrol does not force unscopes when activated)
[Fix]npc_turret_floor not correctly using looping sounds
[Fix]Integrated CAmbientGeneric stop and toggle fix by TomEdwards (
[Fix]Integrated CFuncMoveLinear fix by Quanta (
[Fix]Bug #29 (Weapons respawn at incorrect locations on certain maps)
[Fix]Bug #30 (Unable to pick up previously submerged dropped ammo)
[Fix]Bug #31 (RPG and Tau cannon ammo bug)
[Fix]Bug #35 (Manhack killing defender crash the game)
[Fix]Partially fixed blood sprays appearing incorrectly when shooting players when not in teamplay mode
[Fix]Bug #73 (Waypoint crash)
[Fix]Bug #89 (Model Exploit)
[Fix]Bug #78 (oc_harvest - Prop and Bucket Glitching)
[Fix]monster_ichthyosaur and npc_ichthyousaur being classified incorrectly
[Fix]Bug #81 (Disable barnacles attacking ichthyosaurs)
[Fix]Target ID not correctly showing the dispositions of NPCs that had their dispositions changed via the SetRelationship input
[Fix]monster_gargantua not cleaning up flame trails properly when deleted
[Fix]Crash related to Mortarsynths
[Fix]Several NULL pointer crashes
[Fix]Crossbow and grapple hook reload sounds not being played on owning clients
[Fix]Issue related to NPC names
[Fix]Blood sprays appearing incorrectly when shooting friendly NPCs
[Fix]Physics environment gravity changes being delayed
[Fix]Bug #38 (Bugs related to player nocollide)
[Fix]Integrated two physics constraint fixes by Bloodykenny (
[Fix]'phys_swap' command causing floating client-side props
[Fix]Partially fixed Bug #6 (monster_human_assassin regression)
[Fix]Players being unable to spawn if spawn points are obstructed, even if player collisions are disabled
[Fix]Potential crashes due to CBaseEntity pointer caching
[Fix]Player-spawned projectiles colliding with other players when not in teamplay mode
[Fix]Rollermines not awarding points when killed (W.I.P., only works with game_score at this time)
[Fix]Rollermines and turrets spamming invalid ragdolls when grabbed by the Mega Gravity Gun
[Fix]Bug #20 (Inability to unscope during scripted weapon reload)
[Fix]Bug #36 (Ways around telefragging)
[Fix]Bug #39 (Changing game over behaviour in lives mode)
- mp_livesmode: 0 = off, 1 = normal (change to next map on all players dead, 2 = restart map on all players dead
[Fix]Bug #40 ("GiveLivesToDeadPlayers" input for game_lives_manager)
[Fix]Bug #34 (Option to disable npc_zombine pulling grenades)
[Fix]Bug #33 (npc_zombine not accepting custom models)
[Fix]'explode' command not gibbing players
[Fix]Player-spawned vehicles being unable to clear jumps on campaign maps


[Add]Keybind listing for the 'Send/Recall Squad' command in Options
[Add]Missing icons for dead players
[Add]Fallback map icons for the simplified server browser
[Change]Disabled mipmaps for airboat and jeep spawning decals
[Change]Points transfer panel elements now use translated strings
[Change]Updated textures for Viewmodel Arms, Uzis and Sniper Rifle by Lt_Commander
[Change]Various Broken_escape_2 textures updated by Lt_Commander
[Fix]Hud text and vehicle crosshairs being cut off
[Fix]Bug #26 (Give Points window text doesn't fit in the dialog)

What this hotfix does NOT fix/include, but is already fixed/included in the next version (due to the lack of a client hotfix binary):

- Score display crash
- Map briefing panel does not allow scrolling, even when the contents exceed the box's size
- MP3 player does not correctly flag sound files from outside the game
- Mod Options dialog causes crashes on exit
- Client-side prediction for water splashes from melee weapons
- Scope sound being played when the reload key is held down with the weapon scoped and fully loaded
- Bug #80 (click sounds are still heard instead of proper gunshots, but damage is still dealt)
- Enlarged sniper scope overlay
- Quick info display is not hidden when a point_viewcontrol is active
- Improved third person mode
- Player pushaway when mp_playercollide is 0
- Donor access (sorry, just can't do this one without a client binary update!)
- Bug #11 (Weapons without ironsights cause the crosshair to disappear)
- The countdown timer, team, target ID and score displays being covered by other overlays, such as the sniper scope and suit zoom overlays
- Bug #17 (a.k.a. gib crash)
- Invalid convar warnings appearing when the Options dialog is opened
- CHudHintDisplay panel showing up with an excessively large dark box
- Player collisions not being predicted correctly when player collisions are disabled
Posted: 23:45 GMT+1 - Monday, January 23, 2012

Obsidian Conflict Devblog Video #1

Author: Shana

We've been quiet for too long again, heck, we almost could have reused the news post from last Christmas by now.

So, to break the silence, we present you the first one of our "Dev Blog" Videos.
Those should allow us to give you guys a more constant stream of news posts, since we can show a lot more WIP and experimental stuff that way without focusing too much on full-fledged, pretty looking news.

Remember most of the stuff shown is more or less work in progress and thus subject to change, but feel free to tell us what you think still!
Posted: 22:45 GMT+1 - Friday, November 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Author: Shana

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully a happy new year from all of the OC Team!

While we're at it we would like to give you some news about OC as well.
We don't have much media planned this time, but Info about some of the gameplay changes in the Steam Version.

The Hl2 Campaigns will get a big overhaul, not only to fix all the bugs caused by Valve updating HL2 and EP1 to the Orange Box engine, but also to change gameplay to a more enjoyable Co-Op experience.

  • Lives mode will be enabled, each player will have one life per map, some maps will also have checkpoints to resurrect dead players.
    This will hopefully result in more cooperation and less rushing even on public servers.

  • Vehicle spawning will only be allowed in the areas next to the player's spawnpoints so people don't just walk past a vehicle barrier and spawn a new vehicle on the other side instead of doing it the way it was intended.

  • Some maps will have more NPCs than there was in vanilla HL2, some even dependant on the current playercount to keep things both challenging and fun.

  • Level changes will be delayed, once a player reaches the end of the map, a countdown will start, once it reaches zero or a specific percentage of players reaches the end of the map, it will change to the next map.
    This feature will of course work for custom maps as well and the time and percentage can be changed by the server admin or mapper.

The broken_escape series will also be changed to use lives mode.

The maps have been redesigned to suit this gameplay, NPC spawning and pacing will adjust depending on the playercount.
More cover around as well as some more changes to make this map series as enjoyable as our current lives maps.

Waking_dead has also gotten some love, Zombies now have reasonable HP and we added completely new types of zombies.

We want to make this map play more like a survival map instead of a huge mess of overpowered zombies and an inventory that will break your mouse wheel (or keyboard if you use that) as you try to select that ONE specific weapon.

Lives mode will be on and weapons and items will not respawn.
Players will have to press their use button to pick up a weapon so someone won't pick up a bunch of weapons accidentally by just walking close to them.

Two new arenas have been added to oc_cardwar so far, as well as something we yet have to announce.

Thank you for your support, and Happy Holidays!

Posted: 20:00 GMT+1 - Friday, December 24, 2010
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